Warning! Is DsDomination A Scam!!???

Scam“Don’t buy DS Domination until you read this review.”

 Folks I just wasted some time but paid close attention to a major scam of a product called DS Domination in which the seller explained all you really need to know about this crap offer in the sale video.


He’s offering a so called E-bay Title Optimizer as the only product of value and advising you to buy things for retail on Amazon.com and then jack the price up and resell it on E-bay. Basically their business plan is to teach you to rip people off by tricking them into paying more than they have to.

No Joke you can do better for free.


 There are hundreds of companies in the U.S. Alone that are what is called drop shippers. These companies will supply you sales materials for selling their products at full retail which is often less than the Ebay Price. You then pay them the wholesale price which is less than the Amazon Price and they ship the product directly to your customer. You never have to have a bit of inventory and in most cases there is little to no up front cost.



Not only do you pay less, your buyer pays less, and you profit more running a legitimate honest business that satisfied customers will buy from over and over, all for around the same level of effort. I noticed he didn’t even show you that these power sellers he was telling on pay huge advertising budgets that you also have to cover out of the few dollars you scam off the unknowing.






It’s time to restore trust in our industry and stop letting good people fall victim to programs like DS Domination.

DS Domination or Dropship Domination is a training course ran by Roger Langille where you pay $19.95 a month..

I thought this business was just another damned scam at first where one affiliate is trying to recruit another kind of like Empower Network.

I decided to join and give it a try for $19.95.. followed the course and to my surprise it wasn’t a scam at all I actually made money..

Its hard to understand sometimes what you are paying for online but its no difference then paying for college or any type of education..

And if it works and does what it says its not a scam at all?

So yes DS Domination does work and will make you money